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Kershaw County Outdoor Burning Information 

In South Carolina, burning has been a common way to get rid of leaves and tree limbs, to clear farm lands, and to manage wildlife areas. Additionally, some people burn treated lumber, construction debris, motor oil, paint and painted materials, plastics and rubber. Burning these materials can release harmful toxic chemicals, pollute the air, cause health problems, and harm the environment. That is why there are State laws to limit outdoor burning.

To obtain a burn permit in Kershaw County to burn yard debris, you should call 

1-800-705-8609 and leave a message with the South Carolina Forestry Commission .

If you plan to burn anything else, call the South Carolina Forestry Commission at    1-800-777-3473.

South Carolina allows certain kinds of open burning if the burning does not cause problems and if it is not prohibited by local governments. There are alternatives to open burning. If you decide to burn, a good rule to follow is: If it doesn't grow, don't burn it.

Frequently Asked Questions about Outdoor Burning in South Carolina

Q: What can I legally burn?
A: Vegetative debris, including limbs, leaves, and grass clippings can be burned. If it grows on your property, you can burn it.

Q: What items cannot be legally burned?
A: You cannot burn household garbage, plastics, shingles, tires, lumber, rubber, or anything other than plant growth that originates on the site.

Q: What do I have to do before I conduct an outdoor burn?
A: State law requires that you notify the Forestry Commission (see below) and follow certain precautions. To implement the proper precautions, you must clear a firebreak around the burn site and have the right equipment (water hose, tractor, shovel, hand tools, etc) available to keep the fire under control. You must also stay with the fire until it is completely safe. All burning MUST comply with regulations established by the SC Department of Health and Environmental Control. To find out more about DHEC regulations and outdoor burning, follow this link: In addition to state laws regulating outdoor burning, there may be other local ordinances that apply in your area. Be sure to check with your local fire department or county fire marshal before burning.

Q: What time of day can I burn?
A: The law does not restrict the time of day you can burn. However, burning during the late afternoon or at night, temperature inversions can cause smoke to linger close to the ground, where it may impact your neighbors or nearby roads. In general, it is best to burn between 10 am and 3 pm. This time of day is best for smoke dissipation, and will reduce the risk of negatively impacting your neighbors.

Q: How do I notify the Forestry Commission?
A: The toll-free numbers below allow you a quick, easy way to make your yard debris burning notification. Just dial the appropriate number, listen to the message, and leave your name, address and phone number. The notification law does not apply within town or corporate limits.

What you can not burn.png

For more information, you can view the Learn Before You Burn brochure by clicking here.

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