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Established in 1974, the Kershaw County Fire Service provides fire protection to the residents of  the Bethune, Cassatt, Mt. Pisgah, Abney, Timrod, Westville, Lake Wateree, Boykin, Charlotte-Thompson, Doby's Mill,  Liberty Hill, Elgin, Pine Grove and Lugoff  communities.

Did you know that volunteers make up 92% of the firefighters who serve in Kershaw County Fire Service?

Kershaw County Fire Service (KCFS) was established as an all-volunteer department in 1974.  Over the years Kershaw County's population has grown exponentially and this growth has placed more demand on the all-volunteer service.  In 2019, County Council approved adding 10 paid firefighters to the county fire service, therefore, KCFS became a combination department (paid and volunteer members). 

In 2022, County Council approved additional firefighters, therefore establishing full time firefighters at the Blaney, Shepard, Pine Grove and Westville stations with 24/7 fire coverage.

KCFS cannot function without the support of volunteer members.  KCFS is looking for men and women ages 18+ to volunteer in their local communities.  KCFS serves all the unincorporated areas of Kershaw County that are not served by Lugoff or Camden Fire Departments.  This also includes the towns of Bethune and Elgin.  

Command Staff

 Fire Chief Will Glover

 Deputy Fire Chief Matthew Bullard

Recruitment & Retention / Training Division

Batt. Chief Bradley Branham

Full Time Personnel

                              1st Shift                                 

  Batt. Chief Gary Parnell

Capt. Blake Stokes

Lt. Tony Rabon

Engineer Talley Truesdale

Engineer Garrett Arrington

Firefighter Harry Shannon

Firefighter Chris Baxley

2nd Shift


Batt. Chief Steven Teal

Capt. Ben Moseley

Lt. Jordan Cooper

Engineer Bubba Hinson

Engineer Josh McManus

Firefighter Collin Moye

Firefighter Ian Barden

3rd Shift

Batt. Chief Rollie Reynolds

Capt. Casey Miles

Lt. Caleb Legrand

Engineer Jason Baker

Engineer David Hinson Jr.

Firefighter Chase Doar

Firefighter Chandler Oates

Fire Marshal / CRR Division

Deputy Chief Matthew Bullard, County Fire Marshal

Deputy Fire Marshal Phil Elliott (Part Time)

CRR Coordinator Capt. Blake Stokes 

Logistics Division

Logistics Coordinator Ryan Belger (Part Time)

Volunteer Officers

   Batt. Chief Shawn Powers - Vol. County Battalion Chief


   Capt. Jeff Murphy - District 1

   Capt. Wesley Bass - District 2

   Capt. Brandon Price - District 3

   Capt. Clay Catoe - District 4

Lt. Brian Cox - Sta. 11

Lt. Adam Watson - Sta. 12

Lt. Clarence "Pig" Johnson - Sta. 13

Lt. Jarrett Lawson - Sta. 13

Lt. David Lucas - Sta. 14

Sta. 15 Lt. Vacant

Lt. Charlie Catoe - Sta. 16

Lt. Erik Templar - Sta. 17

Lt. Lee Debruhl - Sta. 18

Lt. Jamie Brown - Sta. 19

Sta. 20 Lt. Vacant

Sta. 21 Lt. Vacant

Sta. 22 Lt. Vacant

Part Time Personnel

  Tanner Davis, Daniel Munsell, Daniel Brown, Jamey Brown, Chris Byrd, Dale Hornsby,                Danny Hughes, Gavine Locklear, Josh Marshal, Thomas Ray, Billy Haynes, Hal Young,                Jake Mertz, John Neal, Khalique Carter, Jamie Hunter, Michael Bateman, John Terry,                  Jason Nelson

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