Membership Requirements

  • Be 18 years of age or older.

  • Physically fit to perform in emergency services.

  • Have a clean criminal background - no felonies within past 10 years.

  • Be an upstanding member of society with good morals and ethics.

  • Dedicated and trustworthy.

  • Able to attend training required to include: medical and firefighting courses.


Training Requirements

No prior training is needed to be a volunteer, however prior training and experience is a plus.  Being a volunteer in the KCFS requires a big time commitment to gaining your initial training and attending monthly drills to keep your skills current.  

On average a new recruit will need to obtain around 180 hours of training in the first initial year of service to become an interior structural certified Firefighter I.  Additional hours of training are required to become a medical first responder, apparatus driver/operator, or technical rescue specialist.